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There is an abundance of fantastic places to visit in Hertfordshire. In fact, there are so many great options that you may find it difficult to know where to start or see first. With this in mind, A1 Taxis is happy to provide you with our best travel tips for what you need to see in Hertfordshire.

  • St Albans Cathedral

    There is a strong sense of history in St Albans and visitors have been flocking to the cathedral for close to 2,000 years.

    The shrine of St Albans is a major attraction for many people and the site is one of the oldest locations of continuous Christian worship in the whole of the United Kingdom.

    There are many different historical elements associated with the cathedral such as the fact that the nave is the longest in the whole country.


  • The Snow Centre

    It can be difficult to find an entertainment and energetic option for the kids but The Snow Centre is fast becoming the perfect place for a family fun day in Hertfordshire.

    As this is one of the newest ski centres in the country, you benefit from the latest technology and a great range of ski and slop options. The 160m slope is likely to take your breath away but the ski and snowboarding slopes are very wide, allowing plenty of space for everyone to get involved.


  • Natural History Museum at Tring

    The Natural History Museum at Tring has a history and story that is well worth considering in its own right. There are not many children who proclaim, at the age of 7, that will run a museum one day, but this was the childhood ambition of Walter Rothschild. By the age of 24, Rothschild have achieved this ambition, and this collection is on display today.

    There are over 4,000 specimens and items in this display, which was donated to the Natural History Museum when Rothschild passed away in 1937.


  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

    There are few bigger phenomenons than Harry Potter, which makes the Harry Potter tour one of the most obvious attractions in Hertfordshire. This tour has brought a lot of tourism and guests into the local area, so it is one that boosted the local economy, which is always a positive thing. The studio tour provides access to the lot where so much of the magic happened in creating the Harry Potter films and there are many original props and artefacts from the film.


  • De Havilland Aircraft Museum

    The oldest aviation museum in the whole of the United Kingdom is located in Hertfordshire, making it an ideal place to visit if you love aviation. The museum focuses on de Havilland Aircraft, which has played a huge role in the development of planes and flying in the past 100 years.

    There is also the fact that this manufacturer was instrumental in providing planes for the Second World War effort, which provides poignancy and many personal links for guests and tourists.


  • St Albans Clock Tower

    When you have something that dates back to the 1400s in the local community, it is understandable that many people will be very proud of it.

    There are not too many examples of medieval era belfries in the UK and there is a lot of political history surrounding the belfry. It was utilised to showcase a sense of anger and disagreement with the local abbot, and over the years, many have held it as a symbol of the spirit of the local community.


  • Willows Activity Farm

    Fun for all of the family is definitely on the cards when you visit the Willows Activity Farm. The farm offers an extensive range of rides, shows, Tractor rides and a wide range of farmland to explore and enjoy.

    Kids of all ages will love the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground, which is part of the entry package.


  • Watford Colosseum

    This is one of the best gig and theatre venues outside of London and if you are looking to enjoy a fantastic show in the local area, the Watford Colosseum is an ideal choice. The venue is well known for its sound quality and it has been the setting for live orchestral recordings.

    The fact that the venue was the setting for the recording of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars soundtracks adds to the level of coolness that the building has.


  • Paradise Wildlife Park

    A trip to the zoo remains a fantastic activity for kids of all ages but in the modern era, there is rightly a concern about the safety of the animals. Parents can take their children to Paradise Wildlife Park with a clear conscience as this is a zoo that works hard to provide their animals with a safe and welcoming living environment.

    The zoo has been recognised as one of the best woodland zoos in the world and it has worked hard to support major conservation projects.


  • Lee Valley Boat Centre

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