• History of St Albans Roman City

    St Albans, located in Hertfordshire and found just 22 miles from London has a long and illustrious history. The city is the oldest in Hertfordshire and although it is a modern and progressive city, the origins of St Albans go back over 2,000 years.


  • Harpenden Common

    If you are looking for an area of natural scenic beauty in Harpenden, it is difficult to look beyond Harpenden Common. The award winning area, which has been recognised as a Green Flag Award winning area since 2007, stretched out for close to 2 miles from the heart of Harpenden in a southerly direction.


  • Harpenden Common Golf Club

    Golf was first played on Harpenden Common back in 1895 and the introduction of the golf club dates back to 1931. The course initially held 9 years but over the time, the course has expanded to fit the more traditionally expected layout of a golf course.


  • Harpenden Public Halls

    Located on the edge of Harpenden Common, Harpenden Public Halls is ideally suited for people in the local area or people who come from out of town. The fact that the venue is situated within an easy walk from the town centre and the local train station makes it a highly convenient option for most people.


  • St Nicholas Church

    St Nicholas Church holds an important place in the history of Harpenden and this is because it is the oldest known church in the local area. The church was originally built in 1217 when it was the Chapel of Ease but additions were made in 1470. These changes saw a tower being added and the venue was made bigger.


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