Harpenden Common

If you are looking for an area of natural scenic beauty in Harpenden, it is difficult to look beyond Harpenden Common. The award winning area, which has been recognised as a Green Flag Award winning area since 2007, stretched out for close to 2 miles from the heart of Harpenden in a southerly direction. As you'd expect, the Common is home to some of the leading sporting activities in the local area but Harpenden Common also plays host to a fantastic selection of plant life and wild life. In fact, the Common is recognised as the home of a number of protected species so if you're looking to see some fine wildlife creatures at close quarters, this is the best spot in the local area.

Sporting activities

Sporting activities

If you are looking to be sporting and active in Harpenden, it is likely that you'll head to Harpenden Common. This is because the area plays host to a football club, Harpenden Rovers FC, two cricket clubs (Harpenden Cricket Club and Bamville Cricket Club) and of course, Harpenden Golf Club.

Golf has been played on the Common since 1895 and the Harpenden Common Golf Club has been in place since 1931. The course as it is today owes much to a redesign which took place in the 1990s. While there was a golf clubhouse dating back to the 1930s, this was replaced in 2013 with the modern clubhouse that is found in the Common today.

Walking routes

There are three main walking routes available within Harpenden Common and if you have access to the Harpenden Common factsheet or follow the instructions, you'll note that these walks are colour coded. The three walking routes are:

  • Yellow Trail

    Yellow Trail

    The Yellow Trail covers 1.2 miles (or 1.9 km) and you should allow a period of 30 minutes to conclude this walk.

    Of all the walks on offer in Harpenden Common, this is deemed to be the easiest and there are a number of seats available on the trail if you are looking to take a break or catch your breath while enjoying this walk.

  • Blue Trail

    Blue Trail

    The Blue Trail covers 2.3 miles (or 3.7 km) and you should allow an hour and a quarter (or 75 minutes) to enjoy this trail.

    While this trail is still considered to be an easy walking trail, there are some slight gradients which mean that some people may find it to be a challenge.

  • Red Trail

    Red Trail

    The Red Trail covers 3.9 miles (or 6.3 km) and you should allow two hours to conclude this walk. This is a walk that is straightforward, allowing for its length, but please be aware of the Harpenden Common golf course which is located in the grounds. For your own safety, it is recommended that you stick to the stated path.

    There is also a horse ride trail which covers 3.9 miles (or 6.3 km) and this is considered to be an easy ride which is marked out by the marker posts with a white-topping. All riders are asked to remain on the horse ride trail at all times when riding on their horse.

Harpenden Common Events

While many people come to the park to socialise, play sports or be active and enjoy picnics, there are also special events hosted on the park. Information about these events is available from local council websites and media outlets in advance of any gathering or occasion.

  • Classics on the Common

    Classics on the Common

    The Classics on the Common event is an annual one which has been running for over 20 years. The event sees the Common playing host to over 1,200 classic cars, scooters and motorbikes.

    The event has been classed as the biggest mid-week classic car event in the UK and in its most recent outing, helped to raise over £ 30,000 for local charities.

  • Circus Zyair

    Circus Zyair

    In October of 2016, Harpenden Common and the Harpenden Golf Club plays host to the Circus Zayir. This is an example of the major touring events that visit the Common on a regular basis, providing further incentive for local residents to visit the park regularly.

    Lying so close to the heart of the town, Harpenden Common is a key part of everyday life in the town. However, the fact that there is so much to see and do in the area, it is only natural that Harpenden Common is an integral component of local life.

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