Harpenden Common Golf Club

Golf was first played on Harpenden Common back in 1895 and the introduction of the golf club dates back to 1931. The course initially held 9 years but over the time, the course has expanded to fit the more traditionally expected layout of a golf course. The natural layout of the common lent itself superbly to golf with stunning mature trees and parkland that was well cared for. While the course has a rich history, a major change occurred in 1996. This occurred under the instruction and advice of Ken Brown. Brown is a famous golfer who has competed at the Ryder Cup and he is an honorary member of the golf club.

The changes saw an additional six holes attached to main course and there was also the introduction of an additional field, entitled the Jockey Field. This area does have a public walkway through the middle of it but the main golfing areas are deemed to be on private property.

  • pening of the Harpenden Common Golf Club

    Opening of the Harpenden Common Golf Club

    The first ever match at the Harpenden Common Golf Club took place between Abe Mitchell and W.A. Peters. Mitchell is well known for being the golfing coach of Samuel Ryder, who should be well known thanks to the Ryder Cup. What may not be known is the fact that the figure which features on the Ryder Cup is actually Mitchell himself, so there is a strong connection between the golf club in Harpenden Common and the Ryder Cup.

  • The Clubhouse

    The Clubhouse

    While there was a clubhouse developed for the golf course back in 1932, it would be fair to say that the clubhouse wasn't a sizable or glamorous one. However, it managed to last for over 70 years, and many great golfers have found themselves at home in the club.

    The original clubhouse was pulled down in 2012 and this allowed a new clubhouse to be constructed. The new clubhouse was opened in May of 2013, and while many members pine for the charm and familiarity of the former clubhouse, there is no denying that the current clubhouse is very welcoming.

Harpenden golf club membership

At the last count, the club has a membership of more than 600 people and this includes Mens, Juniors, Ladies, Mixed and Senior sections. This ensures that there is a comprehensive schedule of competitions, fixtures and events with participation in a range of local leagues. The club also hosts a range of friendly events and provides a social calendar which stretches beyond just golf.

The club is happy to welcome applications from a wide range of people and the club is fully committed to providing everyone with a chance to enjoy golf and promoting golf for everyone. This has seen the club provide people with the chance to pay up their annual membership over a longer period of time, providing people with more opportunities to enjoy golf. There is a Future Financials scheme which allows members to spread the cost of their membership over 12 months. People are encouraged to try the course first and if a person decides to join after having played on the course, the paid green fees will be taken away from the cost of membership.

Harpenden golf club scorecard

When it comes to the record on the Gold Course, two players share a score of 63. This was achieved by Sam Claridge in September of 2009 in the Harpenden Championship and this was then matched by Tony Wilkins who achieved a score of 62 in August of 2013 at the Club Championship.

The course record for the Ladies Course stands at 73 and this was achieved by Gillian Goodchild in June of 2006 on the Lady Captain's Day.

The course in Harpenden Common has obviously changed a lot over the years and a score of 59 was obtained in July of 1994 by Michael Mulkerrin. A score of 70 was achieved by Jane Walter in July of 1990 in a Bogey competition.

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Great local restaurants, all of which are within a 10 minute walk of the golf club include Lussmanns Fish and Grill, Bar Azita, Graffiti and The Vine Leaves Harpenden.

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