Frequently Asked Questions

To help you plan your trip please view the frequently asked questions below

Do you provide a business account service?

Yes, A1 Taxis offers business account services which provide priority and discounted services to local businesses.

Can I drive for A1 Taxis?

We are always looking to add to the successful team at A1 Taxis, so if you want to work for a great taxi company, get in touch..

Do you provide taxis for events?

We have considerable experience in providing a large number of taxis for special events so if you need assistance, contact A1 Taxis.

What major events are available in the local area?

St Albans and Harpenden plays host a wide range of events, suitable for all ages, and A1 Taxis is happy to take you to them.

What are the top places to visit in Hertfordshire?

We provide you with a range of travel tips and our recommendations for the best places to visit in Hertfordshire.