How Wood Train Station

How Wood Railway Station History:

The history of How Wood Train Station began on 22 October 1988 when British Rail (open) added yet another flourishing expansion to the Abbey line (St Albans branch line from Watford Junction to St Albans Abbey). How Wood Station resides in the How Wood village of Hertfordshire, England. How Wood Train Station is managed by London Northwestern Railway. It has one platform and serves more than 33,592 (2017/28) rail passengers annually.

How Wood (Herts) Stations & Destinations:

How Wood Station in Hertfordshire is a non-staff railway station in St Albans. Passengers cannot pre-book tickets, there are no ticket machines and no ticket offices. How Wood Train Station may not seem as sumptuous as other train stations in St Albans, but it does have a spacious seating area, pay phone, and support that’s available at certain times. How Wood rail station is feasibly accessible by taxis and buses. Also, How Wood Train Station has expansive parking.

Mostly commuters utilise the How Wood Station as a quick-train-hop which is why there aren’t sufficient amenities available. Northwestern Railway Passenger assist team is available 24/7 on 0800 024 8997.

Trains to How Wood, Hertfordshire:

Train services at How Wood Station runs every 45 minutes to both directions from Monday to Saturday. You can also avail an hourly service on Sundays. The train journey time from Watford Junction to St Albans Abbey is approximately 16 mins. Interestingly, the reason behind How Wood station’s institution was to connect the Abbey line further for its overhead electrification.

How Wood Train Station underwent minor revamping. Today, it is successfully filling the purpose of a railway, offering prompt trains to nearby towns and villages.

The Preceding station to How Wood Station is Bricket Wood Station (AL2 3PQ) and the following station to How Wood Station is Park Street Station (AL2 2PA).

How Wood Train Station

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How Can I Get to How Wood Station in Herts?

Getting to and from How Wood train station is simple and affordable as long as interested commuters use the following How Wood travel guide for travelling to and from How Wood railway station by How Wood local transportation.

Travel to How Wood Station by Train – Use the preceding or following train stations as a reference to travel to How Wood railway station by trains or simply enquire with nearby train station about How Wood train stop.

Travel to How Wood Station by Bus/Coach – Use the following How Wood bus stations nearest to How Wood Station as drop-off location to reach the station by bus or coach: Park Street Lane (AL2 2SB), Wych Elms (AL2 2AT), Birchwood Way (AL2 2RW), and Shops Stop 1 & 2 (AL2 2RA).

Travel to How Wood Station by Taxi – A1 Taxis St Albans is available 24 hours a day with cheap How Wood taxis to and from How Wood train station. You can book a taxi to How Wood station from anywhere in Hertfordshire at any time.

Contact Details of How Wood Station:

  • How Wood Train Station Address – Hyde Lane, How Wood, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK
  • How Wood Train Station Postcode – AL2 2NG or AL2 2JL
  • How Wood Train Station Contact Number – 0333 311 0006 (Contac Centre Team)
  • How Wood Train Station Opening Hours – 7 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 4 PM on Saturday & Sunday (Contact Centre Team helpline)

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