FAQ's A1 Taxis

  • How can I book my Taxi?

    You can book a taxi on a call or online. In get a quote tab you simple input your locations, choose a vehicle and you will get a quote. You will also get an option of car booking at the sometime, make online payment and book your car.

  • What happens if I cancel my request?

    You will get your refund on cancellation of request but on a condition that if you cancel the request 12 hours before conversion of service from flexible to fixed. Once the booking option is converted to fixed service charges will be automatically be deducted from you payment in case of cancellation.

  • Do you have various booking options?

    Yes, we have two kind of booking options that allow you to change your schedule, date and taxi. Flexible booking option remains active for 12 hours under which if changes are made you will not deducted or charged service charges. At the start of 13th hour any change made in booking will cause you deduction of service charges from your payment.

  • Is advance booking necessary?

    We recommend advance booking of taxi for your convenience but we also provide taxi on urgent basis if you call us in the last minute.

  • What payment options do you offer?

    Our services are very simple. You can make payment online in advance and we also accept payment in cash.

  • What arrangements do you have for children in your taxi?

    If you have children traveling with you than you can request child car seats or booster seats. Children less than the age of 12 must be provide child car seats.

  • Do I have to pay car parking charges?

    We allow passengers 15 minutes after which they will be charged for every minute if they keep driver on waiting in car parking.

  • What vehicle do you have other than Saloon?

    We have a wide range of cars and minibuses in our fleet. You can choose any suitable vehicle.

  • Do you monitor flights?

    Yes, our drivers are trained professional and render their services with responsibilities. They monitor your flight arrival and departure and reach you in time.